This scene is a sort of robotic approximation of the wholesome family thing. RC the leggy robot flees the decepticons with Hot Rod the sportscar and Daniel the human. Periodically there occurs battle-between-the-sexes sorts of humor as parts of the catwalk explode and one or the other of the robots pulls the other two out of danger. Other than to get a bit of human-like touchy-feely stuff into the movie I'm nore sure why this scene is in there.

Most of the explosions in the preceeding scene were being provided by Galvatron, shown here flying Scourge. More of that variability of scale thing; in robot form, Scourge is slightly smaller than Galvatron; here, Galvatron fits into Sourge's plane-form cockpit. Also the Stormtrooper-aim principle comes into play -- Decepticons can't hit anything they fire a laser gun at unless it's necessary to provide plot.

The escape from Earth is accomplished by way of two spacecraft taking off full of Autobots for some inadequately explored reason. There was some resemblance in this scene to a side-scrolling video game. Also there was a shot of RC's forearm as she's being heroically pulled into one spacecraft by a (male) Autobot, demonstrating a curvaceousness that makes her whole presence in the movie look like some sort of focus-group extrusion. The affair concludes with some happy-family retelling of war stories and token cuteness by the Dinobots.

Seeker-head missiles didn't appear in the TV or comic series, probably because they would have gotten in the way of the Stormtrooper-aim principle. Here, the Decepticons pursing the Autobot spacecraft (having allowed a suitable interval for the war stories above) appear and start blowing things up again. There are actually two Autobot ships; one has Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots, the other has everybody else. Here, the "everybody else" spaceship separates in half, allowing the Decepticons to be led to believe they've just destroyed it and everyone on it, whereas in fact they have been led into an Elaborate Ruse, as usual. The actual explosion of (most of) the spaceship looks to have been drawn differently from the rest in an attempt to create drama and climactic suspense (part of the aforementioned Ruse). Galvatron, duly Duped, flies off to see Unicron to find out that Unicron was Not Fooled, thus delaying the pursuit plotline a bit.

Note also that the smoke trails emitted by the Decepticon's missiles are, of course, purple.

Hot Rod and Kup crash into the "ocean" in a metallic planet inhabited (as comes up later on) by Quintessons and other third parties. The whole Quintesson planet seems like the animators getting a chance to stick in a lot of odds and ends they'd been wanting to use but that hadn't fit the scheme of the TV series. Hence robotic fish, robotic squid, robotic underwater vines, etc. Also Quintessa (the planet's name, though it's only named in one TV epoisode that I recall) has interesting metallic twisted rings, unlike Cybertron. The impossibility of solid rings is discussed in a physics textbook I recall reading once -- to the effect that if Saturn's rings were made of plate steel instead of rock and ice particles, they'd fold up and crumple. Oh well.

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