The Autobot at right is Kup, a sort of futuristic pickup truck, and the closest approximation to cuddly or loveable in the characters that survived the movie. Kup also got most of the facial expressive capacity allocated to the first half of the movie. That's Hot Rod jumping off a rock at left, but his appearance is an artifact of the rasterization in the frame grabber and ImageMagick's sample-scaling.

Autobot City being assaulted. Pinkish purple explosions occur when something is struck with a Decepticon weapon, orange from the Autobot weapons. Presumably this is so that young children could keep it straight.

More of the HUD thing. This is as viewed through the eyes of Arcee, the first female character introduced to the series (at left, in -- argh -- pink). While the addition of female characters was long overdue (insomuch as robots have gender; all those encountered up to this point had their voiceovers done by men, anyway), this attempt never ascended beyond the injection of a lame Barbie-esque character who plays out in the script as a pink appendage to various male characters. So far as I know, Arcee was never manufactured as a toy.

As might be expected, Autobot City transforms from a city to a fearsomely beweaponed city. Drawing things to look shiny and chrome-ish is probably difficult to do; this is about the only time it appears in the movie.

The two "appliance" robots -- the Autobot Blaster (a ghetto blaster), and Decepticon Soundwave (a fairly nondescript purple tape recorder) below. Blaster was one of the first attempts to introduce "funky" voiceover characters, and they kept him on for quite a while. Soundwave isn't killed in the movie, but his character isn't seen after Starscream dies (in fact, hardly any of the old characters are seen after that point). The toy versions of Soundwave and Blaster both could accept a real microcasette, though not do anything with it. You could store one of the microcasette-robots in there also, the first instance of this sort of toy joining of which I'm aware.

Note more use of the expensive glowing effect at Soundwave's left.

Why female robots need shapely thighs, I'm not sure. Not to mention breasts, on a nonlactating (more to the point nonmammalian) "species." Up to this movie the nearest approach to a Cute Baby Robot was Bumblebee the Volkswagen, whose character was roughly one of a highly responsible late-teen. In the movie, "Wheelie" was introduced as the new youngest character, but he seemed a bit old for breastfeeding.

One other problem with this shot -- they're trying to turn that long tracked launcher, rotating the right (front) end around while the left (rear) end stays more or less in place. Daniel the Human (lower-left of frame) is taking the spot with the worst mechanical advantage to assist with the effort.

Further excerpts from the battle for Autobot City. After the sun rises, Megatron announces "Their defenses are broken! Let the slaughter begin!," which pops into my head from time to time since then, usually at inappropriate moments and during large corporate mergers.

Yore, Yon, Thither