Battle (1)
Sentient robots have terrible aim, and on the average one or two robots get knocked down per combat scene. The Decepticons' beams are purple, the Autobots' are orange. Sound familiar? This particular battle scene was something of a rarity, since the robots thought to take cover behind things. Usually they stood in the open.

Battle (2)
... like this. Note here that the beams are all purple -- this was an episode where Starscream led a minimalist mutiny, which for some reason involved steering the planet Earth into the sun to almost certain doom. This led to the line, "Check the thermometer! I will rule the universe!"

Bruticus (3)
There is always a bigger robot. Or was, until the show got cancelled. This was Bruticus, consisting of five Combaticons joined together for purposes of plot and/or toy sales. The Decepticons acquired three or four of these giant robots, despite which they never used them all simultaneously. They might have accidentally won a battle, which could have had disasterous effects on the six year-olds.

Bruticus (2)
Bigger robots also have smaller vocabularies, despite whatever intelligence may be posessed by their consitutent robots. Bruticus knew about twenty words, most of them verbs. The small-vocabulary contest was eventually won by Omega Supreme, an even larger Autobot who spoke less than twenty words total throughout the entire series.
The power lines on the right were a common theme in the show. I'm not sure why.

Okay, that's all. rise up, sink down or escape completely.